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5 Best Snowshoe Trails in American Fork Canyon

Utah is known for the "best snow on earth" and while skiing is undoubtedly the state's most popular winter sport, snowshoeing is picking up steam in popularity. Skiing has become outrageously expensive (along with nearly everything else these days), which makes snowshoeing a great alternative for those trying to survive inflation and still enjoy the outdoors. These trails are the best snowshoeing trails in American Fork Canyon and will take you to frozen lakes & waterfalls, dense wintry forests, and scenic mountain vistas.

HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Snowshoeing comes with risks from weather, cold, and avalanches. Always be prepared and always check the avalanche forecast for the trail you want to hike.

Where to Rent Snowshoes near American Fork Canyon?

JJ's Rentals in Lehi rents snowshoes for just $10 per day, including poles. We're conveniently located along the Timpanogos Highway, on the way to American Fork Canyon.

Best Snowshoeing Trails in American Fork Canyon

5. Sundance Nordic Center

The Sundance Nordic Center has 6 miles of trails for both snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and it's a great place to learn how to do either one. A trail pass costs $12 for the day and you can rent snowshoes for $13. While it does cost more money vs the other free trails on this list, it is a safe option if you're just trying snowshoeing for the first time and don't feel comfortable venturing off on your own.

Photo credit: Sundance Resort

4. Silver Lake Flat

Silver Lake Flat is a reservoir located in American Fork Canyon just a few miles past Tibble Fork and the Granite Flat Campground. While it's a popular place for paddleboarding in the summer, it freezes over in the winter.

Silver Lake Flat is one of our favorite spots for paddleboarding in the summer but it looks stunning in the winter, too!

The dirt road that you normally drive on to ascend up the mountainside to the lake in the summer is closed during winter, making it an ideal snowshoe trail. It is a fairly steep, strenuous 3 miles each way, however. Be prepared.

snowshoe trails in American Fork Canyon

3. Pine Hollow

Pine Hollow Trail is located at the top of the famous Alpine Loop and is one of the best snowshoeing trails in American Fork Canyon thanks to its scenic views of Mount Timpanogos. To get there, head up American Fork Canyon as far as you can. The road just past the trailhead is closed during the winter, but you can still park at the trailhead for hiking and other activities. The trail is a 4.3 mile loop that takes you through wintry forests and snowy. meadows until you reach the ridge and get some spectacular views of the backside of Mount Timpanogos.

Photo credit: Girl on a Hike

Optional: If you want an easier option, you can simply follow the Alpine Loop road from the Pine Hollow trailhead instead. The road is closed during the winter and covered in snow. It's ideal for beginners or for those snowshoeing with young kids. You can either follow the road out and back as far as you like or go about 2 miles up to the Timpooneke Campground where you can also find some great views of Mount Timpanogos.

snowshoe trails in American Fork Canyon

2. Tibble Fork Loop

Tibble Fork is one of our favorite spots in American Fork Canyon year round. We love paddleboarding there in the summer and sledding and snowshoeing in the winter. There's a 4-mile loop that goes around the lake and into the neighboring forest that's ideal for snowshoeing. It's well-travelled and the snow gets packed down quickly.

snowshoe trails in American Fork Canyon

1. Stewart Falls

Between the views of the backside of majestic Mt Timp and a soaring frozen waterfall, this is easily one of the most best snowshoeing trails in American Fork Canyon. You can access it via Provo Canyon and then driving past Sundance Resort. Stewart Falls is also one of the most popular summer hikes as well but seeing it in the winter is all the more magical with everything covered in snow and ice.

BE AWARE AND HIKE AT YOUR OWN RISK! This trail crosses avalanche terrain so always check the avalanche forecast before hiking here.

Photo credit The Salt Project

Happy trails and thanks for reading! If you need snowshoe rentals in Lehi, grab some from us here at JJ's Rentals on your way to American Fork.


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