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Highland Glen Park: Local Summer Hotspot

Highland Glen Park

One of our favorite places to paddleboard in Utah County is Highland Glen Park, located just behind Lone Peak High School in Highland. This 3.5 acre park packs a punch despite its relatively small size, with running & biking trails, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, a pavilion for picnics, a large grassy area for games like spike ball, and the main attraction – a large pond with sweeping views of Lone Peak (the mountain, not the high school).

It's a popular place to go in the summer to cool off. Many people gather there to swim, float, paddleboard, and kayak. It’s the perfect size to take the little ones out for an afternoon of paddleboarding and no motorized boats are allowed. There’s a little beach area but one of the reasons we like it is actually to sit lakeside on the grass.

Highland Glen Park kayakers

Heads up - there are no lifeguards on duty, so swim at your own risk.

There are no on-site amenities or rental services at the pond, so you’ll want to come prepared. You can rent inflatable standup paddleboards from JJ’s Paddleboards that fit easily in the trunk of your car. It’s also great place for a picnic lunch as well, and there are several fast food and quick serve restaurants on the way where you could grab takeout. Our favorites are Blue Lemon and Roxberry for smoothies. There’s also a Fiiz or Swig close by if you want to load up on drinks and treats.

Highland Glen Park - kids on a tube

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Besides paddleboarding, we’d also recommend checking out the Highland Glen Bike Park right next door. This is a little pump track for mountain bikes, but it’s got enough smaller features that our little kids love riding there.

And one last thing you won’t want to miss – the trail that goes around Highland Glen connects to the Murdoch Canal Trail, which is great for running, biking, or our personal favorite – long boarding.

Whatever your outdoor activity of choice is, Highland Glen Park has something for everyone and it’s a great way to spend a summer day!

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