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Top 3 Bear Lake Beaches

Bear Lake is a natural freshwater lake on the Utah-Idaho border famous for its turquoise hues and fresh raspberry shakes. It's one of the most popular local getaways for Utahns, especially in the summer. It goes without saying that you go to Bear Lake to play in the water - boating, water skiing, wake surfing, tubing, kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, sailing, you name it! But if you want to just chill out on the shore for a while, there are a handful of nice sandy beaches as well. Much of the Bear Lake shoreline is covered in grass and wetlands or lakefront cabins but there are several beach areas that allow for a perfect day in the sun. Scroll down to see the three most popular and best Bear Lake beaches:

3. Rendezvous Beach, Bear Lake, Utah

On the south side, named for the place where fur trappers and Native Americans would meet to trade with each other. There are campsites, pavilions, and boat rentals available.

Bear Lake beaches

2. Ideal Beach, Bear Lake, Utah

This beach is in between Laketown and Garden City. This is only accessible to guests of Ideal Beach Resort or by cabin owners that pay a membership fee. But if you stay at Ideal Beach Resort or rent a place that has access, it's a nice beach with boat rentals, a large grassy area and playground, and mini golf nearby.

Bear Lake beaches

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1. North Beach, Bear Lake, Idaho

This beach is on the Idaho side of the lake and is by far the best beach at Bear Lake! If you've ever heard that Bear Lake is called the "Caribbean of the Rockies", this beach is why! Deep turquoise hues and powdery white sand. But it's well known to be the best beach so it can get a little crowded. We went recently during Father's Day weekend and Google Maps told us it was "as busy as it gets". We were still able to park easily right on the beach (literally on the sand), walk a few steps and stake a claim to our own little spot of sand & water for the kids to play in all day. Other than seeing canopies dot the entire shoreline, it didn't feel all that crowded.

Bear Lake beaches

Shallow and perfect for paddleboarding. The other reason it's such a great beach, especially for kids, is how shallow it is. You can walk out a hundred yards and still only be in knee-deep water. This makes it not-so-great for boaters because you have to walk out really far to get to your boat, but it's perfect for people who just want to play in the sand, kayak, or paddleboard. The kids had a great time paddling around on our kayak and paddleboard.

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Bear Lake beaches

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You'll definitely want one when you head to the turquoise waters and white sands of North Beach in Bear Lake!

Bear Lake beaches

Floating Food Truck. And as a bonus, there's a floating food truck called Bear Lake Burger Boat. I had never seen anything quite like it, so being able to say you ate there is a pretty unique experience. It's $5 for an ice cream sandwich, but oh well. Still cool.

Bear Lake beaches

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Bear Lake Utah

After an epic day of beaching or boating, you might be wondering what else there is do at Bear Lake. The small towns along the lake have gotten much more developed in recent years, so there's actually quite a lot of restaurants, shops, and activities. Check out this post for the top 10 things to do at Bear Lake.

And if your drive to Bear Lake takes you through Utah County, make sure to stop by JJ's Paddleboards in Lehi to rent an inflatable paddleboard or two.




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