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Causey Reservoir: Paddleboarding Heaven

causey reservoir

Despite living in Utah for over thirty years, I didn't hear about Causey Reservoir until 2020. Crazy to think that something so close to home can remain unexplored for so long, right?! Causey Reservoir is quickly gaining popularity among paddleboard & kayak enthusiasts but is still somewhat of a hidden gem in Utah. There are no motorized boats, so it's a perfect place to enjoy paddling on the glassy smooth water all day long.

I didn't know what to expect when I drove up the canyon to check it out for myself but I was blown away by what I found! Red rocks, cliff jumping, tranquil green waters... things you normally associate with Southern Utah but which can found just an hour north of Salt Lake City. Do yourself a favor and take a day trip to explore this Utah hidden gem before it becomes too popular and overcrowded.

Where is Causey Reservoir?

causey reservoir

Causey Reservoir is located just 15 minutes east of Huntsville, Utah near the much more famous and much larger Pineview Reservoir. Drive up the canyon past several campgrounds until you get to Cafe Red Rock (only open on the weekends) and hang a right. Google Maps won't take you to the parking area - it will take you along the north arm of the lake. However, that is where you see the red rock so it's worth a quick detour. But to park, take a hard right across the dam instead of following the road to the north. The turn is easy to miss. There are a few parking spaces right there at the edge of the dam, or you can continue up the road a short distance to a larger parking area.

Is Causey Reservoir Kid-Friendly?

causey reservoir

The shoreline at Causey Reservoir is steep and rocky, so there isn't anywhere to set up a shade canopy and just relax for the day. And there's a steep dropoff once you get to the water, so there isn't anywhere for the kids to sit and play in the water, either. Had I known this, I probably wouldn't have brought my youngest kids. It made things a little more stressful! But as long as you're aware of that and you're just in it for the paddleboarding or kayaking, then you can still have a great day on the lake. Plus if you it's a beach you're after, just head 15 minutes back towards Huntsville to hang out at Pineview when you're done.

What to Expect When You're at Causey Reservoir

causey reservoir

The reservoir is nestled in a deep canyon and has three different fingers - lots to explore. The north arm of the lake is where you'll find the red rocks. The south and east arms of the lake are where you'll find the best cliff jumping spots.

There are no amenities at Causey Reservoir - no picnic areas, no lifeguards, no bathrooms. But what you get in exchange is a blissful, serene day spent in nature. There are no motorized boats, meaning no noise and no wakes chopping up the water. Smooth, glassy emerald water is what you get all day long, just like the picture above. Just come prepared!

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If you've never been to Causey Reservoir, now is the time. Go have an adventure!

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