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Top 10 Best Lakes for Paddleboarding in Utah

Utah has dozens of lakes, state parks, and national recreation areas that make for some unforgettable paddleboarding experiences. We've narrowed the list down to our top 10 favorite places to paddleboard in Utah. But this list is by no means exhaustive. Get out there and discover your own favorites.

Looking for an adventure this summer? Try cooling off at these breathtaking Utah lakes!

10. Utah Lake---Utah County

Utah Lake is the largest fresh water lake in Utah so it has many places along the shoreline that are great for paddleboarding. Utah Lake State Park is best near Provo but we prefer launching from the Saratoga Springs Marina for panoramic views of Mt. Timpanogos. The water sure gets pretty when the light hits it just right.

9. Great Salt Lake---Salt Lake County

Once upon a time this place was a thriving vacation spot and people would flock to the Great Saltair to float in the salty water. Times have changed but it's still a great place to explore and see wildlife at Antelope Island, paddle in a very serene place, capture beautiful reflections and get some amazing sunset shots.

8. Gunlock Reservoir---Washington County

Not only is paddling up against those round red rocks pretty rad, especially at sunset, but if you're lucky you might catch the seasonal waterfalls on the south side of the reservoir. This only happens in the spring after a very wet winter so count yourself lucky if happen to catch them while they're running.

best lakes in utah

7. Pine View Reservoir---Weber County

As if the sandy beaches alone weren't perfect enough for an amazing day on the water, the clear coastline and green deep green mountains make it the perfect spot to soak up the sun! With the towns of Hunstville and Eden nearby, it makes for a great mountain escape.

best lakes in utah

6. Bear Lake--Bear Lake County

They call it the Caribbean of the Rockies. It may not quite be on par with Cancun but the minerals in the water give it a beautiful bright turquoise color. Post a pic on this water and people might think you're on a tropical vacation! And don't leave without trying one of Bear Lake's world famous raspberry shakes.

paddleboarding in utah

5. Silver Lake Flat---Utah County

Want to find an adventure that's off the beaten path? This place is a hidden gem and quite honestly we are glad. The water is so calm, the views are hard to beat, and traffic so low you will look like a lone ranger that has ventured into the middle of nowhere-- but it's only 20 minutes up American Fork Canyon.

best lakes in utah

4. Causey Reservoir---Weber County

Nestled in the mountains just 20 minutes from Pineview Reservoir sits another smaller reservoir that is ideal for paddleboarding because it doesn't allow motorized boats. It's not really a family-friendly place because there isn't a good beach or shoreline to relax on but it is great for teenagers and young adults. In addition to having beautiful mountain scenery and a surprising amount of red rocks (in Northern Utah, whaaat??) it's also a famous spot for cliff jumping.

paddleboarding in utah

3. Tibble Fork Reservoir---Utah County

In our opinion, this lake boasts one of the most breathtaking places in Utah and it's only a short 10-minute drive up American Fork Canyon. It's a popular summer hangout for families because there are no motorized boats allowed. The combination of bright turquoise water, endless evergreens, views of Mt. Timpanogos, and crisp mountain air take our breath away every time.

paddleboarding in utah

2. Sand Hollow State Park---Washington County

Powdery red sand. Warm water. Red rocks for cliff jumping. Photo ops with the clear blue water up against both red rocks AND white capped mountains? Let's face it. This place is hard to beat.

paddleboarding in utah

1. Lake Powell---Garfield, Kane and San Juan Counties

The only thing that could top Sand Hollow is the beautiful Lake Powell. If you know, you know. But Lake Powell is just for houseboating. Check out Long Rock Beach for relaxing day hanging out in the sand and cooling off the water. Or if you're feeling more adventurous, head over to the Arizona side and go paddleboarding down Antelope Canyon.

paddleboarding in utah

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For more ideas of family-friendly adventures check out this free Utah Bucket List.

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Liz Bianco
May 06, 2021



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